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At Rob’s, it isn’t just transmissions

(Although it is our specialty) 

We offer complete repair service for anything your vehicle needs. 

Regular maintenance is critical to ensures the safety, reliability, drivability, comfort and longevity of a car. A number of parts are replaced preventively to avoid major damage or even safety issues, e.g. timing belt replacement.


– Check or flush the engine oil and replace fuel filters
– Inspect or replace windshield wipers
– Check or refill windshield washer fluid
– Inspect tires for pressure and wear.
– Tire balancing
– Tire rotation
– Wheel alignment
– Check, clean or replace battery terminals
– Check and flush engine coolant
– Check or flush transmission fluid

– Inspect or replace brake pads
– Check or flush brake fluid
– Check or flush power steering fluid
– Inspect or replace spark plugs
– Inspect or replace air filter
– Inspect or replace timing belt and other belts
– Lubricate locks, latches, hinges
– Check all lights
– Check Anti-lock braking system or ABS

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